Tattoos to Suit Everyone

We have passion for tattooing, and we’d love to share this with you. Whether you’re looking to add to your existing designs, or you want to start something new, we’re here to help you create something amazing.

Perfect Piercing for You

If you after a piercing, we’re also able to cater for you and your needs. We have specialist piercers ready to help you with whatever you need, from ear and nose piercing to microdermal implants.

Excellent Body Jewellery

As well as doing the piercing, we also have a great range of body jewellery on offer to help you look your best at all times. No matter the style you want, we have something to suit everyone here.

About Us

At Needle FX – Chioko, we strive to provide the very best tattooing and piercing work to customers from across the world. Based in London, our artists and piercers love to take on bespoke work. No matter what you have in mind, our resident artists have the skills and creativity to make it happen. Our experience and friendly demeanour mean that you receive the best at all times, making your tattooing or piercing experience as relaxing as possible. We’ve been established since 1997, and during this time we’ve helped lots of people to transform their bodies. Call today to discuss your next project.

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Call us, in London, for more information on our tattoo studios, and our resident artists and piercers.

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